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We are the only tutoring service authorized to provide after-school learning support in GEMS Schools

What We Do

Dubai’s trusted name

Metamindz Learning Centers help each student with engaging instruction, intrinsic motivation and meaningful rewards. Our method is a fresh change for students

Why Metamindz

We deliver 4-5x faster improvement than school

…unlike many other tutors, we measure improvement with computer based tests before you start and after you complete a program with us

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Our Programs

English Assessment

Powerful diagnostic that identifies weaknesses and identifies starting level for intervention covering all major domains including phonics for younger students.

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Math Assessment

Comprehensive Math assessment before starting any tutoring. Find out where the challenges are various Math sub-domains before starting any tutoring (with us or anybody else).

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English Tutoring

Dubai’s leading program for children reading comprehension improvement for all levels of readers including vocabulary, informational and literary texts.

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Math Tutoring

Nobody does Math better than we do. Personalized help in Math that targets improvement in all 4 Math sub-domains. Progress reports and tests keep parents fully informed.

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Comprehensive help for Physics, Biology and Chemistry for all curricula. With flexible scheduling, high schoolers are able to navigate demanding school schedule with ease.

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High School Math

High school Math help is personalized for content and schedules, covering both concept refreshes and practice to get you back on track for a great score.

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Adult English

General and Conversational English programs for a range of adult learners. We start with an assessment to identify current level and build from there.

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Fun Development

Skills development in Mobile Apps, 3D Printing and Personality Traits in fun, interactive and engaging ways.

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Why Parents Choose Us


We Care


Real Improvement

We measure improvements

School Success

We understand school success is important

Independent Learner

We strive to make children independent learners

Great Environment

Our environment engages and motivates

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Joining Metamindz Learning Centers

Schedule Assessment 

  1. Call us to schedule a time
  2. Take our adaptive assessment
  3. Discuss results and gaps

Agree Schedule

  1. Agree class schedule
  2. Choose package of hours
  3. Register

Attend Classes

  1. Attend classes
  2. Do assigned homework
  3. Win prizes and rewards

Review Progress

  1. Receive Regular Reports
  2. Monitor progress
  3. Renew

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