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Our Advice.

Abacus is a great program. But is Abacus what your child needs the most at this time? Many parents leave Abacus after first or second level and do not complete all 6 levels. Why?

…because Abacus does not work for every child.

Here is the conclusion from British research…


British Research Conclusion

“The mental abacus did not lead to wider benefits in cognitive abilities and it didn’t change the children’s attitudes to maths or reduce their maths anxiety.”

What Abacus Does Not Do

Abacus does not improve most Math concepts

Math learning in any curriculum covers Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry and Data & Measurement. These are areas every child is learning in school in every curriculum.

  • Abacus does not improve fundamental Math e.g. order of operations, fractions, percentages, word problems etc.
  • Abacus does not improve Algebra.
  • Abacus does not improve Geometry.
  • Abacus does not improve Data & Measurement.
What does this mean?

Quite simply, if your child has learning gaps, they will grow bigger requiring a bigger effort later. The time spent on Abacus would have been better utilized fixing fundamental Math and improving confidence and interest in it.

Math is learnt vertically (new learning requires strong base of prior learning) and goes through a key transformation when Alegbra is introduced in Middle school. If children are not adequately prepared to handle basic algebra due to prior weaknesses, a child’s Math future is almost certainly bleak (i.e. hopeless) since most Math in High School is about Algebra.

What can parents do before starting Abacus?

A computer adaptive.

A computer adaptive test will indicate your child’s current level in each of the major Math areas (Numbers, Geometry, Algebra, Data & Measurement).

Parents are advised not to rely on school reports. Most school tests are not computer adaptive and schools often do not disclose enough information to parents to take adequate action.

Parents should get their own independent view.

Where can you do a computer adaptive assessment?

At Metamindz or with other tutors.

We are not sure if other tutors have a real computer adaptive test. Not every computer test is an adaptive test. Parents should make sure they are signing up for a computer adaptive test.

Will the assessment show parents if Abacus is needed?

The assessment will show if there is major weakness in major areas (Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement). If so, parents are advised to address these weaknesses immediately.

What will Metamindz assessment show?

Please see sample report below which indicates a child’s current level in each major Math domain and also indicates if it is below the minimum level required at his/her age/grade level.

Metamindz adaptive diagnostic

Actions you take today regarding your child’s math have crucial implications. Determine first what your child really needs in Math before starting any program.

Click here to learn more about our adaptive Math Diagnostic.