ACT Prep

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers


Designed for high score improvement

You will not call another tutor after speaking to us. Call us and find out!

ACT Prep

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers


Designed for high score improvement

You will not call another tutor after speaking to us. Call us and find out!

How many points on the ACT do you think make the difference between a student being accepted or rejected from a certain university?

The Wall Street Journal found that 1-2 composite points is all it takes to differentiate certain students from your competition

ACT Prep Programs

Free Plan & Diagnostic

You will need to have a plan for SAT or ACT. The plan must answer which test you should take (or both) and when (11 test dates in UAE) while avoiding clashes with critical school exams. You will also need to understand what effort will be required to achieve your target. We provide free planning advice and diagnostic to help you course through these issues.

Test Prep

Prepare for a test date that you have already registered for or plan to register for. ACT is offered 5 times a year in UAE in the months of April, June, September, November, and December. Our Test Prep programs are usually 8-9 weeks long and classes are held twice weekly. Call us as soon as you have decided a date.

Test Reviews

Many students prep on their own (e.g. second time test takers) and are looking only for test reviews. This program is for them. We publish dates of test reviews and students can join any test review by paying a fee. These sessions provide a mix of concepts refresh, test strategy and management skills.


Seniors ACT Tutoring

For maximum score improvement, we offer a longer running small-group tutoring format. ACT Tutoring runs over 3-4 months and provides more comprehensive coverage of concepts and practice. Designed for students seeking highest score improvement, the small-group format offers maximum flexibility for schedules and individual needs.

Juniors ACT Tutoring

Starting ACT prep in Year/Grade 11/10/9 is an excellent idea if you have a high score ambition relative to your current level. Take a diagnostic as early as you can and compare your current level with target. The regular test prep (2-3 months) can do only so much. Start early to avoid disappointments later.

Crash Course

Key concepts and strategies are rolled-up in our Crash Course for those pressed for time. Depending on need, we can make you test-ready with as few as 6 lectures (3 in Math, 1 Writing, 1 Reading and 1 Science). After a Crash Course, students can join Test Reviews and continue to improve.

Who We Are

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How We Build You Strong

Concepts Refresh

Strong concepts are critical for success. We review concepts and then build fluency (speed)

Use Actual Test Questions

We use actual ACT questions from past papers for training. We have access to past ACT exams as well as a large question bank of past test questions categories by topic and level of difficulty. Our practice system is unique among ACT tutors

Practice By Level of Difficulty

A uniquely Metamindz feature, we design practice to suit your level and requirements

Common Test Traps

We train you to see traps that ACT places all over the test to trick you. Luckily, it is easy to spot them if you train enough. High scores require that you train to identify and avoid common traps. This is not the same as learning tricks which other tutors may talk about

Individual Score Targets

Score targeting is designed to achieve your score. We adjust score targets as you improve.

Test Management Strategies

Everybody needs a test strategy. ACT/SAT are not just tests of Math and English but also test of your test taking skills. Natural test takers do well on SAT/ACT. Others can learn natural test taking skills through practice and therefore rise above their current level


we can help you decide

Scoring High on ACT

ACT tests several broad skills. There are no magic tricks. The secret to scoring high is to train to build an ACT mindset. And to do plenty of practice.



Your Big Score

Together, we can achieve your highest score potential

Latest Strategies

With us, you can be sure you are getting the latest and most effective strategies because we constantly research what is working for other students

Sustainable Improvements

With us, your improvements are sustainable because they come from a structured approach to test prep

Need More Improvement

Not seeing improvement workign on your own or with another tutor

Test & Admission Planning

Plan your SAT or ACT schedule to best manage your school, exams and test dates

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