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We see this all the time. And at all grade levels.

Silly Mistakes are errors in Math calculations that really should not be there from parent / teacher perspective. Yes, they appear SILLY to adults.

But what about the student? When we ask the students, we express such amazement that they are forced to agree it was a SILLY MISTAKE. However, this is often not the case since we will see this mistake appear later.

The reason for many SILLY MISTAKES is that students have incomplete knowledge of a topic and therefore apply it inconsistently i.e. some times they get it right and some times they get it wrong.

To fix SILLY MISTAKES, students must get a holistic view of the topic in a concentrated does so that they can see patterns and interconnections between different variations of the topic. This “helicopter” view of a topic is essential. time now It will plug any gaps in their knowledge and clarify variations and special cases so that knowledge can be applied consistently…every time.

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