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Children Writing Improvement

Children writing seems difficult to improve because we think children hate writing; In many cases, children do not hate writing; they just do not know how to say more in a sentence.

Like a building rising brick by brick, writing unfolds one sentence at a time. The quality of sentences largely determines the quality of writing. To improve writing, children need to become Sentence-Thinkers. Children writing improvement is possible if children learn to use tools that professional writers use to craft sentences.

A writer is not someone who expresses thoughts, passion or imagination in sentences but someone who thinks sentences.  A Sentence-Thinker.Roland Barthes

Professional Writers

Professional writers use sentence structuring tools to write powerful and descriptive sentences. These tools are easy to learn and use for anyone, including children. If children learn these tools, they will learn to add more detail to each sentence and not write short and choppy sentences.

Writing is not constructed merely from experiences, information, characters or plots, but from fundamental artistic elements of grammar [tools]. Harry Noden

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