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Comprehension Diagnostic

Before taking any English comprehension tutoring, parents should find out what is really needed so that they can ensure tutoring is effective. The right comprehension diagnostic test can provide this information.

How can parents do the right comprehension diagnostic test?

Not every diagnostic can provide the right information. For example, a paper-based diagnostic will not provide sufficient information. Why? Because a paper-based test has a limited number of questions. The right diagnostic must not only identify weakness in the major comprehension domains (vocabulary, literary comprehension, informational comprehension), it must also determine if the student is at, above or below grade level. This is too complex for a paper-based tests most tutoring services may offer.

Some tutors have computer-based tests. These are simply paper tests that have been computerized. These have the same limitations.

The only solution for a comprehensive diagnostic that identifies gaps in each of the four domains and also identifies grade level in each domain is a computer adaptive test. This test is not available on internet. In fact, many schools do not have this test.

In Dubai, Metamindz uses this test to determine a student’s Math needs. Learn more about Metamindz Comprehension Diagnostic here.