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Comprehensive Preparation
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IELTS is a 3-hour international standardized test of English language proficiency.

ielts SearchIELTS has four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking

ielts ClockThe first three modules are taken on test date

ielts ChatSpeaking module is taken a week before or after the test date

ielts ListIELTS is scored on a nine-band scale. Read more about IELTS bands here

Metamindz IELTS programs

IELTS Academic

Group Program:

  • Duration: 30 hours (more details further down this page)
  • Fee: AED 1850

1-on-1 Program: (please contact us)

  • 30 hours
  • Fee: AED 5400

IELTS General

  • Duration: 30 hours (more details further down this page)
  • Fee: AED 1850

1-on-1 Program: (please contact us)

  • 30 hours
  • Fee: AED 4500

Limited Modules

Dont need the full program? Need help with only some of the modules like READING only? Or Listening and Speaking? Or just WRITING? Or just Grammar refresh? Or perhaps 2 or 3 modules? Whatever your need may be, we can help you improve in specific areas as well.

Metamindz IELTS Program Coverage


  • Orienting yourself to the text.
  • Listening for specific information.
  • Identifying detail.
  • Following a description such as maps.
  • Identifying main ideas.
  • Seeing beyond the surface meaning.
  • Following signpost words.
  • Following a talk.


  • Responding to personal questions.
  • Becoming more fluent.
  • Preparing your talk.
  • Giving your talk.
  • Understanding abstract and analytical questions.
  • Giving a reasoned response.


  • General Training Reading Section 1.
  • General Training Reading Section 2.
  • General Training Reading Section 3.


  • Planning a letter.
  • Communicating your message.
  • Approaching the task.
  • Planning your essay.
  • Turning your ideas into written arguments.
  • Linking your ideas.