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Metamindz Home Tutor System is the answer to high tutoring cost and headaches. Now available for the first time in Dubai, our system turns a parent or home tutor into a super tutor.

Do You Need Tutoring But Want It At Home?

You can do home tutoring yourself or use a home tutor. In both cases, you can use our system at home to provide your child the best Math and Reading system for improvement. The adaptive diagnostic will identify your child’s needs in different domains of Math and Reading better than ANY TEACHER OR TUTOR. This is because of the technology in our system. After the diagnostic, our system will deliver all the lessons your child needs. You or your tutor do not have to decide what to teach and when. Your or your home tutor have to make sure only that what is being taught is understood by your child through extra practice.
Call us at 800 6382 to clarify further.

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