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SAT Math

SAT Math tests 41 sub topics. Algebra dominates the new SAT while Geometry has been de-emphasized. Furthermore, the new SAT puts a lot of emphasis on real world word problems. This is also a challenge since this requires reading fairly lengthy questions.

How Metamindz Tackles SAT Math.

At Metamindz, we break Math down in 4 levels.

When you start our prep, we do a comprehensive Math diagnostic to assess your Math level. Usually, students will be at Level 2 or Level 3. Few students will be at Level 4 which the level needed for the top end of SAT Math score.

Improving Math

Practice starts at the level you tested. From this point, we build on your Math. However, it is impossible to teach Math in the limited available in test prep. Therefore, we add score strategies to the mix so that you can aim for the highest improvement in the time you have.

Score Strategies

We know areas that SAT stresses i.e. where most of the questions are e.g. linear algebra. Hence we focus on those areas first and improve your understanding. Because we use technology, we are able to personalize levelized help for each student. Others, using traditional methods, cover all SAT Math content and give equal weight to all topics regardless of the topic’s weight in SAT scoring.

Refreshing Math

SAT Math is not like school Math. SAT tests practical understanding of math. We call this SAT mindset. And it is best learn by practice SAT questions. We model these questions with students and think aloud to demonstrate the linkages and patterns that lead to the answer. Many students learn algebra independently of geometry and are not able to draw linkages between the two. For example, solving simultaneous equations is same as finding intersection of two lines. When students see this connection (and many see this for the first time), they begin to appreciate the power and simplicity of Math. indeed, many student tell us they learnt more Math in our SAT classes than the entire period of their high school.