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Writing Improvement

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Dramatic Writing Improvement

ToolsNot Boring Grammar!

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Writing Improvement

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

Dramatic Writing Improvement

Teaches ToolsNot Boring Grammar

Like a building rising brick by brick, writing unfolds one sentence at a time. To improve writing, improve sentences children write by making children sentence-thinkers. This course does that.

Just as a painter combines a wide repertoire of brush stroke techniques to create an image, a good writer chooses from a repertoire of tools to craft each sentence to say more.

A writer is not someone who expresses thoughts, passion or imagination in sentences but someone who thinks sentences. A Sentence-Thinker.

Roland Barthes

Children Writing

Do children hate writing?

Possibly. However, in most cases, students do not like writing because they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY MORE in their sentences. They do not know how to add details to a sentence to share more of what they want to say. Therefore, student sentences tend to be short, lacking detail and creative expression. It is therefore no surprise that students do not like writing.

Professional writers face the same difficulty.

For me the big chore is always the same: how to begin a sentence, how to continue it, how to complete it.Claude Simon, Winner of Nobel Prize in literature

However, professional writers use sentence structuring tools to write powerful sentences.

Why professional writers like J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter) say more in each sentence?

metamindz teacher modeling Professional writers use special but simple tools

joint activity metamindz Professional writer review each sentence

metamindz scaffolded activityExperiment with different tools for each sentence

metamindz sentence tools Combine tools to say even more

Writing is not constructed merely from experiences, information, characters or plots, but from fundamental artistic elements of grammar [tools]. Harry Noden

Can children learn these tools?

YES. By learning these easy-to-use tools, children writing can change dramatically.

Nothing is more satisfying than to write a good sentence. Barbara Tuchman

What is good writing?

Readers want a picture — something to see, not just a paragraph to read. A picture made out of words. That’s what makes a pro out of an amateur. An amateur writer “tells” a story. A pro “shows” the story i.e. paints a picture in a reader’s mind instead of just words to read.

Metamindz Writing Improvement

This program will teach students the same techniques and tools that professional writes use to write beautiful, descriptive sentences. The program is both simple and powerful for any student. It is simple to understand because it uses extremely easy to use constructs rather than opaque grammar rules. It is powerful because the tools give children the ability to add details to write powerful sentences.

How we teach this program

  • Teaches structures (tools) not grammar
  • Teaches tools that professional writers use
  • Uses examples from professional writers students know
  • Uses imagery to train students to capture interesting details
  • Uses frames to scaffold learning
  • Teaches students to craft each sentence (like professional writers)

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