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Making Tutoring Work

  1. Ensure Priority: Start when you can clearly state learning and/or school improvement in academic subjects is a clear priority.
  2. Ensure sufficiency: Frequency of visits must be in line with the need and ambition. In general, we find two or three visits a week are most effective. Parents should start tutoring when they have cleared out a child’s schedule. Overburdening a child with a busy schedule of activities and tutoring will not help.
  3. Ensure continuity: Absences hurt progress. Frequent and long absences can undermine tutor’s work and is waste of your tutoring money.
  4. Ensure engagement: If the above guidelines are followed, children will be relatively fresh and motivated on day of tutoring. The tutor’s job is difficult (and on some days impossible) if the child is tired, sleepy or cranky.

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