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English Tutoring

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

English Tutoring: 5-6 times faster improvement than school

Big ResultsEngaging

English Tutoring

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

English Tutoring: 5-6 times faster improvement than school

Big ResultsEngaging


We are the only tutoring service authorized to provide after-school learning support in GEMS Schools

Finding Metamindz was really a blessing! Parent

I have tried many programs for my 8 year old son. I dont think there is any other program like Metamindz in Dubai. Thank you Metamindz! My son has improved tremendously and loves going to Metamindz. Parent

Foundational Reading Domains

Phonological Awareness


High Frequency Words

Grade 1 & Above Reading Domains


Comprehension Informational Text

Comprehension Literary Text

Why Parents Choose Metamindz English Tutoring

Powerful Diagnostic
  • We use smart adaptive diagnostic technology to find out your child’s reading levels in each major reading domain.
  • Others may test you on a passage and use guess work to understand your reading requirements. Reading development is a scientific process and requires subtle integration of different skills. Forcing reading on children can make them disklike   reading further.
Structured Reading Plan
  • Our English tutoring plan is based on scientific data from the diagnostic that is automatically translated into a reading plan that matches your child’s current reading and vocabulary level. We start from there.
  • Others have standard reading passages given to each student.  Usually these are “leveled” by grade level. But not every student reads at grade level and there are substantial variations within a grade level. If reading is not matched to a reader’s level, it becomes boring and children dislike it more.
Superior Delivery
  • Our reading lessons use a mix of teacher time, interactive tutorials and quizzes. Vocabulary is recycled and critical vocabulary learning skills such as context clues are explicitly taught.
  • Others approach reading development without adjusting to the reading level of a student. Vocabulary is acquired through memorization which is not effective without contextual use.

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Joining Metamindz Learning Centers

Schedule Assessment 

  1. Call us to schedule a time
  2. Take our adaptive assessment
  3. Discuss results and gaps

Agree Schedule

  1. Agree class schedule
  2. Choose package of hours
  3. Register

Attend Classes

  1. Attend classes
  2. Do assigned homework
  3. Win prizes and rewards

Review Progress

  1. Receive Regular Reports
  2. Monitor progress
  3. Renew

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