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Math Diagnostic

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

Powerful Math diagnostic. Identifies gaps

AdaptiveHighly Scientific

Math Diagnostic

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

Powerful Math diagnostic. Identifies gaps

Adaptive Testing


We are the only tutoring service authorized to provide after-school learning support in GEMS Schools

Adaptive Diagnostic

Only test that can tell where tutoring should start from

…many tutors have “computer” tests. These are not adaptive. An adaptive test dynamically adjusts test difficulty level to determine student’s actual level

We Discover Gaps With Adaptive Testing

…and build from there

Math Sub Domains We Will Check For Your Child

Question Bank Used In Our Adaptive Testing

Building from strength is more motivating and engaging. Simply stated, this means higher chance of student learning.

Our assessment starts this process.

Domains and Sub Domains Assessed To Discover Gaps

Numbers & Operations

  • Counting and Cardinality</p>
  • Whole Numbers and Decimals</p>
  • Place Value (compare, add, subtract, multiply, divide)</p>
  • Fractions (model, compare, add, subtract, multiply, divide)</p>

Algebraic Thinking

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking:</p>
  • Expressions and Equations</p>
  • Ratio and Proportional Relationships</p>
  • Functions</p>


  • Two-Dimensional Shapes</p>
  • Three-Dimensional Shapes</p>
  • Lines, Segments, Points, Rays, and Angles</p>
  • Symmetry and Transformations</p>
  • Congruence and Similarity</p>
  • Coordinate Geometry</p>
  • Pythagorean Theorem</p>


  • Measurement Units and Tools</p>
  • Time, money, length, capacity, weight and mass</p>
  • Geometric Measurement</p>
  • Area, perimeter, surface area, volume</p>
  • Creating and Interpreting Graphs</p>
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Measures</p>
  • Probability</p>

Questions We Answer

How is my child relative to grade level?

Is my child behind grade level?

How far behind is my child?

What and where are the gaps?

How long will it take to close gaps?

What is needed?

Joining Metamindz Learning Centers

Schedule Assessment 

  1. Call us to schedule a time
  2. Take our adaptive assessment
  3. Discuss results and gaps

Agree Schedule

  1. Agree class schedule
  2. Choose package of hours
  3. Register

Attend Classes

  1. Attend classes
  2. Do assigned homework
  3. Win prizes and rewards

Review Progress

  1. Receive Regular Reports
  2. Monitor progress
  3. Renew

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