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Math Tutoring

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

Math Tutor: for 4-5 times faster improvement than school


Math Tutoring

Metamindz Dubai Learning Centers

Math Tutor: For 4-5 times faster improvement than school



We are the only tutoring service authorized to provide after-school learning support in GEMS Schools

Finding Metamindz was really a blessing!


I have tried many programs for my 8 year old son. I dont think there is any other program like Metamindz in Dubai. Thank you Metamindz! My son has improved tremendously and loves going to Metamindz.


Metamindz Math Tutoring is more effective than help from other tutors? Why? Because we use latest technology that only top schools in the world are using for Math interventions. Our assessment forms a complete model of your child’s Math ability and highlights where help is needed. Others use old methods, paper tests and guess work to identify children Math needs. Call or visit us to learn more.

Why Parents Choose Metamindz Math Tutor

Powerful Diagnostic
  • We use smart adaptive diagnostic technology to find out learning gaps in each major Math domain (numbers, algebra, geometry, data & measurement.
  • Others use paper tests or computer tests that guess what your child needs. These tests rely on tutor judgement and are less reliable.
Structured Plan
  • Our diagnostic directly links into our curriculum and tells us what lessons are needed. Math is a highly structured subject with inter-linkages within and between domains. For example, if your child does not know 3-column addition, he/she needs to first learn 2-column addition. And if he/she does not know 2-column addition, he/she needs to learn 1-column addition. These are Math linkages. Similarly, all domains are linked as well. This sequencing is complex and only Math curriculum experts understand it. Our system does this for us. We do not rely on tutor guesswork.
  • Others have standard lessons that are given to each child. Franchises received standard lessons and serve them to all students. These centers rely a lot on the skills of the tutor to guess student progression. A tutor needs to understand Math pedagogy really well to decide how to sequence through standard lessons.
Superior Delivery
  • Our Math lessons have consistent design and structure. Our Math tutors first teach a concept and then provide guided practice (help is given). Lastly, a quiz is used to determine if a child has mastered the lesson before we move to another lesson. Children appreciate order and structure in their learning.
  • Others do not have a consistent approach to their lessons and rely solely on the ability of the Math tutor to structure and deliver the lesson. An inconsistent approach means children do not become part of the learning process. This hurts their ability to become independent learners. That is why some children with need tutoring for most of their school lives.

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Math Coverage

We help children from all curricula


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Measurement & Data

Joining Metamindz Learning Centers

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Attend Classes

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