Results Matter

All MetaMindz programs are built to ensure progress using performance indicators, allowing for growth and development that translates into results.


Proven Result

School Alone vs. School with MetaMindz

Academic growth for students using the MetaMindz blended program powered by i-Ready exceeds the growth of comparable students across every grade level in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.

MetaMindz Vs. Schools Research

In the spring of 2018, Curriculum Associates conducted comprehensive research into the impact of its Reading and Mathematics instruction on student academic proficiency as measured by state summative test scores. MetaMindz methodology is based on the Curriculum Associates prescriptive diagnostic, individual approach to teaching and learning. The research concludes that the methodology used by MetaMindz significantly boosts standardized test scores such as NWEA MAP.

MetaMindz Powered by i-Ready Blended Learning Success

MetaMindz' tutoring success can be attributed to our talented and well-trained teachers and the highly advanced blended learning method they use. i-Ready Instruction delivers powerful digital lessons that motivate students on their paths to proficiency and growth. Driven by insights from the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment, each student receives a personal and specific lesson plan designed around his/her individual needs. Lessons are never too easy or too difficult for the student.  This motivates and inspires each student to thrive.

i-Ready Instruction is complemented by face to face instruction delivered by our talented, warm and caring teachers. MetaMindz teachers are fully trained in the blended learning methodology. The comprehensive diagnostic data enables our teachers to target the specific skills with which students are struggling the most - in school and in their tutoring sessions. MetaMindz eliminates guesswork and gets right to the core of any learning gaps.

MetaMindz Blended Learning Instruction:

Taps into the rich data from the i-Ready Diagnostic to deliver personalized learning paths to growth for each student, eliminating frustration and boosting student confidence!

 Regularly quizzes students for mastery and retention. Ensures that students are really learning skills and not just memorizing for the short term.

Instills a lasting love of learning in students through MetaMotivation Rewards and ongoing praise and recognition for efforts as well as achievement.



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