How it Started

Established in 2012, MetaMindz is recognized as a leading provider of skill- based, personalized learning support and university preparation for students of all ages and skill levels.

MetaMindz was founded in 2012 with the ambition to bring a ‘learning-revolution for children’ in the Middle East and South Asia. MetaMindz founders, experienced educators and technology experts, equipped with diverse education and training from prestigious institutions like MIT, Cambridge University, Warwick Business School and LUMS carried out extensive research to find the most cutting-edge methods to offer personalized learning to children. The common belief that the objective of learning must go beyond grade attainment became the core of their endeavor. The dictums that became the basis of MetaMindz inception were, ‘Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time’ and ‘One size does not/cannot/shall not fit all!’ Based on these two core beliefs, MetaMindz founders aspired to offer learning that caters to 21st century needs and learning styles and ensures children become motivated-learners forever. 

With consolidated experience of over 30 years in diverse careers in education, technology, banking and corporate sector, MetaMindz founders had one thing in common; they were parents who were highly engaged with their children’s learning/education and sought a solution that could suit each child’s individual needs. They believed that in this day and age the tight integration of multimedia technology in education along with personalized help from an expert (“blended learning”) is key to transforming education outcomes for their children and today’s digital natives.

A learning center in Dubai was set up in 2012 to demonstrate the success of a program that sees each child differently and offers learning that fits his/her individual needs. A place where learning becomes fun and motivation to excel is a priority. Equipped with cutting-edge programs sourced from US and UK, MetaMindz to-date, with its dedicated and committed team, has had the honor of inculcating the love of learning in thousands of children and young adults.

Message from Our Managing Director

Irum Farhat Farooq

Managing Director 

We would like to thank all the wonderful parents who gave us the opportunity to work with their children and helped us revolutionize the after-school learning and enrichment experience. 

MetaMindz was founded with a vision to offer personalized learning to each child to suit his/her individual needs in core academic subjects along with developing the child's confidence to excel in all educational endeavors. We wanted to motivate children to learn and acquire 21st century skills in order to meet the challenges of the future. We broke the mold of stereotypical tutoring and had technology empower us to offer the best learning experience to every child without following the one-size-fits-all approach. As pioneers of 'blended learning' in a learning center environment, MetaMindz became the first of its kind in the region.

Today, thousands of success stories later, we couldn't have been more satisfied with what we set out to do...we empowered educators with the best technology and did not confine our children to our own learning, for we understood that they are born in another time.

May the joys of teaching and learning continue!

Irum Farhat Farooq
MetaMindz DMCC



Office # F108,Red Diamond Building, JLT, Dubai, UAE

055 366 3900

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